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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ouch, my feet (and legs) STILL hurt!

Actually, I'm aching all over today - but I have a sore throat too, so maybe it's not all down to yesterdays energetic teaching. The headmistress actually said she was worried I'd wear myself out - like, no shit!

Today I was stressed. Super-stressed. Tomorrow I have an apartment inspection, in order to get my deposit back, etc, so today I got up really early to scrub things like balcony doors (not fun), extractor fan in kitchen (definately not fun -especially after, er, 3.5 years of not getting around to cleaning it!), doing washing, etc.

Left home late. Got wrong train. Except it wasn't wrong train but I only realised AFTER I'd got off and it had left... Waited AGES for the next one - and finally got to the school I was covering in about a minute before my first lesson. Did two trial lessons - both of who signed - yay me, I get a whole extra 1,000 yen in my pay pack - and realised that pretty much all of my schedule had changed since yesterday.

Realised I still have no idea what I'm meant to do with my rented modem - and I keep forgetting to dig out the phone number to check.

Realised I should have sent information to head office about what I was leaving in the apartment - two weeks ago.

Realised I probably won't be able to afford to go away for Golden Week.

Realised I still have a fuck of a lot to actually do before Sunday. And I really wanted to arrange for the removal guy to come earlier so I could make the Earth Day Festival in Yoyogi Park. I'm dithering as to whether I'll be ready for him if I change the time though.

AND realised that I'd parked my bike in a 'cage' that is locked at 10.30pm and, thanks to being given the wrong information about my schedule, there was no way I was going to make it back in time and I was worried about the consequences as it was in the 'wrong' place. Luckily, my lovely neighbour was able to rescue my bike (she recognised it by it's dents, when I emailed her to ask. But then again, I recognise it by it's dents too when I'm hunting for it.)

In short, I had a major stress-out today.

Tomorrow I fear will be worse as I have to:
  • get up early to do stuff to my apartment before the inspection at 10am
  • rush and do a 40-minute demo lesson in a house with four 4-year olds
  • leg it over to check exactly what is in the new place so I know what to leave/take from here
  • hurry to another place to do a test resit
  • and finally dash to do my evening class - at 6pm.

Gimme strength - and take away my aches and sore throat please!

Oh - AND I cut myself shaving my leg. Luckily it didn't bleed all over the crummy carpet I'm hoping they won't charge me wear and tear for!


Blogger Lulu said...

Luckily for me I haven`t gotten to the big stress out yet about moving (ALthough I know it will come...it did last time)!

I hope the inspection went well this morning and that your day was not as stressful as you thought it would be!

I have a sore throat do? Must be something in the damn water! hehe! I might be heading to earth day festival on Sunday too.....I have a BBQ one day this weekend and if it isn`t on Sunday I will definitely be there.....although probably just in normal clothes! Will mail you on your phone if I am there!

Best of luck with the rest of the packing and getting ready! I am sending good vibes!

ALso, I tagged you for a meme!

11:57 am

Blogger Jo said...

must be the damned chinese and their yellow sand. [quote from almost every japanese student who ever comes to a lesson with a sore throat!]

am aching too. and yes, twas a pretty shitty day!

will check the meme.

i'm moving at 3pm on sunday. i was considering making it earlier, but i don't think that'll be realistic. i plan, unless it's raining, to dump the stuff in the new place and head straight to the park - making it about 5pm-ish, i guess.

be good to see you if we both make it!

10:38 pm

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

One day (soon), you'll look back and laugh.

6:35 pm


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