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Monday, May 05, 2008

And the fun continues...

This is probably the longest amount of time I've spent in Tokyo during one vacation in - well, I can't remember the last time actually, and it's been a lot of fun but I wonder whether I've been doing too much, spending too much time with other people and not enough just chilling out by myself. I've been pretty moody this week. The beginning of the week I suppose I could have put down to PMS, but not now. Hormones, age, lack of time alone, who knows!

Anyway. Enough of that.

Saturday I'd planned to go to the Salvation Army Bazaar because it's rare I get a Saturday I'm not working. Thanks to the heavy rain though, I just couldn't motivate myself to go out. Slept and cleaned instead. Later on went to a friends wedding party which was quite fun.

Sunday it didn't rain! But I woke up with bad period pains. Dragged myself to the supermarket and then gave in and took painkiller (which I really dislike doing, but I felt rough and didn't want to stay feeling rough all day).

Sunday afternoon I had SO much fun! I went along to Yoyogi Park to find Deanne and get a hooping lesson. I'd wussed out of it the week before and so was determined to give it a go this time. Wondering if I'd be able to find them, I had to laugh when I saw how visible they were. Of course I was late and the hoops were in full spin, with big smiles on people's faces. Swearing they'd only picked up hoops for the first time 30 minutes earlier everyone was spinning away making it look dead easy. I have no rhythm. Deanne showed me what to do. And I was absolutely hopeless, being unable to keep the thing spinning for more than ten seconds at a time and not getting any better as I kept trying.

I'm determined to get it though and I have one of Deanne's hoops in my room which I'm going to practice with every day. Actually, the hoop is massive - but luckily there's just about enough room to play with it in my space.

The afternoon was great though. I was feeling very energised and enjoyed talking to friends old and new. Even if everyone was better than me!

As it started getting darker I went off to join another group of friends in the park and we all went to Roppongi to the Kill Bill restaurant, Gonpachi. The restaurant was lovely. Very nice decor and atmosphere. Upstairs one side had seating that looked like a row of balconies.

Unfortunately, the service and food were a total let down.

The waitress who took our order forgot to put two of the orders through - after complaining we got the food free but it ruined the evening having to wait almost an hour for food which was lukewarm (rice) and burned (yakitori*).

The waiting time for service of dishes and drinks generally was pretty crap too.

Oh well.

[and yes I've tumbled right off the raw vegan bandwagon but plan to climb back up in June - there's too much partying in May, I'm being realistic].

Then today, one of my old school managers had a party at her house. We met up (I was late because I left home 5 minutes later than I'd planned and subsequently fucked up all my connections) and went for a long walk in some woods near her house, before stopping and having the first course of our meal and a couple of beers. It was lovely getting fresh air and exercise and very peaceful.

We wandered back to her house where she continued feeding us and giving us more and more to drink until early evening when we all tumbled off for a couple of hours of karaoke.

Lots of fun!

One day to go before w*rk resumes!


Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

So were you utterly HOOPless??? LMAO

5:55 am

Blogger Jo said...

totally hoopless! but it's so much fun and i WILL get it!

11:08 am


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