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Friday, May 02, 2008

Table Diving Lessons

Today I learned how to dive under a table and hold onto a leg. Table leg that is.

We went to the Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center where we started off by taking lots of photos of each other wearing 3D glasses, then watched a hilariously dubbed earthquake simulation 3D movie. "I. Think. I. Hurt. My. Hip." - and other wonderfully badly dubbed lines.

Then we spent time laughing at the literature they gave us before being allowed in small groups into the 'family room' where we sat at a table until - all of a sudden.... the floor started shaking and we had to grab cushions from the table to cover our heads and dive under the table and hang on to a table leg until the 'earthquake' passed. I'd like to say we took it really seriously.... but we kind of didn't.

I mean, hey, none of us actually have sturdy tables in our houses to dive under anyway!

Then we saw a video of a girl being squashed by falling bookcases, falling tv's, etc and learned how they should be strapped to a wall.

And finally we had to go into another room - a smoke-filled maze and find our way out. It wasn't too hard!

And then we posed with firemen's jackets and hats for photos. But no cute firemen. And Japanese firemen have horrible coloured uniforms anyway.

Best of all, this was all free and all in English. Good fun, really.

Then we went and ate lots of ice cream. I'm knackered. Too many days of walking around in my Converse have made my feet ache too. I'm pathetic!!!


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