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Monday, April 28, 2008

Ah, things!

So, the new place is 95% totally sorted now. I've figured out my routes and how to get to and from my house without getting lost / walking around in circles, most of the time. It's now Golden Week, which basically means ten days of holiday!

Today I picked up a chunk of the money I was owed and met some friends for lunch before heading back to Shinjuku. Now, I've see a lot of, er, interesting people and things in Tokyo but today I saw a middle-aged man wearing a - well, I can't even describe it as 'bum-skimming' as you could see a LOT of the pants he was wearing - under his little pink mini-skirt.... I mean, it certainly looked like a skirt, but the length kind of defies description.

I was on my way to buy some Brita filters (oh the excitement) but decided to hunt out the ward office and get my Gaijin card (alien card) updated with my new address, etc.

In Japan, people don't lose their tempers. Well, I've seen the odd drunken salaryman shouting at people, but it's not a thing you usually see in public. Today though, in the ward office, there was a gaijin (what else?!) who wasn't happy and was being pretty aggressive towards the female staff members. I was so shocked though - not by his behaviour - but by the fact there was a security guard just lazily looking on while he hurled abuse at the staff and got a bit too close for comfort. Even more amazingly, another security guard also lazily wandered over to observe - but also from a distance.

I have no idea why he wasn't escorted off the premises / taken away to a private room to calm down / stop disturbing people.

Oh yes I do.. It's Japan. The security guards obviously aren't paid for dealing with aggressive gaijin.....!


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