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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tired and Happy

I did it. I've moved. The stress is over. And it was all hitch free.

The removal guy came on time and, of course, I wasn't ready - so he just got on with it. Poor guy! He earned every one of the yen I paid him for too. I can't believe how much stuff I've accumulated!

It didn't rain. We didn't get stuck in traffic. And we got everything unloaded pretty quickly. The way the room was when I got here, the stuff filled all the space and I couldn't face dealing with it, so I went off to the Earth Day Festival in Yoyogi Park and hung out there for a bit before walking back.

I can walk home from Yoyogi Park. HOW HAPPY AM I?! It's what I've wanted all along, to be honest.

Anyway, the new place wasn't exactly what I was expecting but I like it and it's growing on me more and more. It feels pretty spacious although it kind of isn't because the 4.5 mat (apparantly) bedroom (square shape) opens straight onto my kitchen (also meant to be 4.5 mats) and square shape. There's heaps of storage too. I was really worried there wouldn't be enough space for my crap. But there is.

When I got back from the park I rearranged the furniture and actually unpacked about 1/4 of the stuff - pretty amazing if you know me! I like how it is now. And when the carpet is box and bag free I'll like it even more!

I've briefly met two of the other people in the house (there's ten of us in total) - a Japanese guy and a Japanese girl and they both seem really nice.

The house was silent when I got here and silent when I got back from the park too. The walls are really thin and I'm a bit worried about that. Not so much about noise from the computer as I can use headphones when it's late (my last place was pretty soundproof), but noise should I have any visitors back. I can understand the no guests after 11pm rule.

But I live in Shinjuku now so fuck it! Sacrifices can be made!

I'm one tired and happy bunny right now although a little confused about the knocking that's going on in the room above. I can't figure out what it is. Odd!


Blogger Rudy H3rm4w4n said...

Say ... Hi ...!
Greetings from Indonesia.


Rudy H

4:51 pm

Anonymous Sanchia said...

Congratulations! I hope you have a little more unpacking motivation than we did--three weeks into a new flat and we're still unpacking!

6:21 pm

Blogger Jo said...

sanchia - i hope so too! early mornings and late finishes need to be worked around though. i'm feeling pretty stressed out right now (again) trying to adjust, etc.

12:27 am


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