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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Divebombed by Godzilla

Now, in my ignorance at such matters, I'd always thought a cicada was a cute little green thing that happily hid in the grass and chirruped away all day and night.

That was until I came (practically) nose to nose with Godzilla this morning. The Japanese cicada, or semi, is terrifying. Especially when you have the impression that a big black golf ball which is loudly whistling and clacking and moving at about 50 mph is heading straight for you like a thunderbolt and misses you by about half a metre.

I resisted screaming but couldn't hold in the most dignified, and extremely loud 'FUCKING HELL'.

I've googled but cannot actually find a picture to do Godzilla-the-semi-Golfball justice.

Horrid scary thing.

Japan is fun. Sometimes.

Of course, I'm now paranoid that every time I hear a clip or clapper that one is going to appear. I have an insect door (whatever they're called) across my balcony, so there is NO way they could get into my apartment. But still...... EEK!


Blogger Liisa said...

So it was THAT creature I saw the other day.

9:09 am

Blogger Jo said...

big scary black thing and not a cute little green thing?

11:30 am

Anonymous Karen (snkysally) said...

Crickets are the harmless little things that chirp throughout the night.

Cicadas are a scarier thing altogether!

12:53 am


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