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Thursday, July 21, 2005

One Year

I've been blogging for exactly a year. So, in celebration of my July 22nd blogiversary, what were YOU doing 365 days ago? Were you living in the same place? Doing the same job? Have you had more children or taken up any new hobbies in the last 365 days?


Blogger Josie said...

365 days ago...
I was teaching Music to the crappiest kids ever in a the far north west remote part of Tasmania, Australia. I was just about to have an interview for Nova.. Funny that..
365 days later..
Have worked in Japan for 5.5 months.. Left a man back in Tassie.. who is now no longer in my life. Have now meet a brilliant Japanese man, whom I am just about to leave...waaahhh.. Now 365 later I am heading back to Tassie, in winter.. Ask me again in 365 day what I am doing..

12:34 pm

Anonymous Chameleon said...

Happy Blog-iversary! It seems unbelieveable that a year has whizzed by in the meantime! I still remember the first tentative posts about packing things together in the flat in London and wondering whether the move was the right decision!
365 days ago I was doing much the same as I am now, same job, same partner, same mortgage, same blog (my first blog-iversary was in May)...hey, I am a risk-averse civil servant after all! I am sure all your readers will congratulate you and wish you many blogging years to come!

5:13 pm

Blogger Liisa said...

Happy Blogging anniversary Jo!

365 days ago I lived in Gothenburg, Sweden. I did pretty much the same thing as I do now: took care of the kid. Now I am living in Tokyo.

9:06 pm

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

365 days ago I was selling off/giving away all my furniture and most of my belongings, closing my company and having lots of goodbye drinks because I was leaving the pork and beer capital of Europe for the noodle and fish capital of Asia. I miss trees and being able to understand everything. I don't miss the pork or the beer.

2:19 pm

Blogger Jo said...

beastie: they sell beer in tokyo, you know!

6:37 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy blog-iversary Jo,
Let's see... a year ago I was planning a trip to Africa, flirting w/ someone and feeling overwhelmed at the PhD. Now I'm planning a trip to SE-asia, sleeping w/ someone and still feeling overwhelmed at PhD. Nothing changes really.
Have fun in the next 365 days!

8:53 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Bella - what about NE Asia, huh?!

1:18 am


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