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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Big yellow plastic birds

Where I live has recently been plastered to death with large no smoking stickers on all the pavements - something which seems to be on the increase in many areas. As a non- (well, -ex) smoker, I think this is wonderful. Anyway, to keep the puffers happy, there are designated cancer spots available now and where I live, and a couple of stops away, these are marked by funny looking 2 foot high yellow plastic birds (ashtrays). They're pretty cute too. One day I may post a picture of one.

Having already gone through two 100 yen toilet brushes since I moved to Tokyo (well, you get what you pay for, don't you?) I bought a new one today and, on unwrapping it got rather perplexed by this wording:

"Toilet Brush - We'll advise you about your 'stickiness' about your daily life. To the people enjoying their life..." [all punctuation as per label]

If anyone can tell me what this means, I'll be most grateful!


Blogger Liisa said...

One often gets confused after reading the English writing on Japanese products.

A confession: I am an ex-smoker too. Non-smoker since New Year's Eve 2001.

8:11 pm

Blogger Jo said...

I'm just not sure how a toilet brush can make me enjoy life more, that's all.

I can't actually remember when I gave up smoking, but the last time must have been about 5 or 6 years ago.

9:23 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well.. one can venture a guess on the stickiness. Obviously the reason one would use a toiletbrush. Maybe sushi increases happiness but also the stickiness factor. Something this wonderful brush could solve?

But really, I love the nonsense the Japanese put on things, give me more!

luv Bella

7:16 am

Blogger Jo said...

Bella, I'll keep an eye out...

One of my faves that I keep seeing is the use of 'heartful'. Come to our heartful meeting. We are heartful. Have a heartful day. Enjoy our heartful food.

Gotta love it.

10:04 am


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