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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Darth made a comment in the Shibuya post about another breed called Kogals. To the untrained eye (ie mine) they look pretty much the same as Ganguro but, as I googled and discovered, this is not the case and Kogals are in fact the term given to the rich school girl look. Short skirts, lots of make up, glued up white baggy baggy socks. More Kogal information. and another article here.

Who'd have thought there'd be so many subcultures in Tokyo, and I'm sure I've not even started skimming the surface yet.

If you like things to be a bit more colourful maybe the look of your dreams is here: link(Decorer)


I had an odd trip down memory lane this evening whilst in an Izakaya. Do you remember those little violet sweets that were about the size of a contact lens and came in little packets. They sort of tasted of sugar and perfume?

Tonight, in the loo at the Izakaya, they had toilet paper that smelt just like the sweets. Cute, ne?


And, outside my apartment this evening, whilst parking my bike, I saw a cockroach that must have been about 2 inches long. Summer's gonna be great fun!


Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Parma Violets? `orrible those. My local izakaya has toilet paper with pictures of cats and dogs on it, but alas it doesn`t smell of dog breath or cat piss.

1:49 pm


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