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Friday, June 24, 2005

Women are fun. Men are funner.

I adore seeing English slogans on t-shirts in Japan. The title, above, is an example of one I saw today. I want one! I want to proclaim to the world that men are funner too!

Anyway, now it's summer, it really does seem that more is more, and I'm seeing girls with 3 or 4 layers of clothing, just chucked on.. le scruff look is the 'in' look it seems. Suits me. I don't know how to use an iron....

Footware is all about badly fitting sandals and platform wedges... and every time I have to get onto the train in my flip-flops (thongs) I'm just waiting for my toes to be trampled. So far they've been okay, you'll be pleased to hear.

Having short hair (and being in Tokyo) means I wear all sorts of 'cute' hair clips that I wouldn't probably wear anywhere else. Others are clipping the sides of their hair back with 6cm or so clippy grippy things - I can't think what they're called - hairdressers use them to pin bits of your hair back, or you use them to twist your hair into and pin up at the back - someone give me the name please...

Hats are also seen all over the place now, as people are being good and sensible and, okay, some people REALLY don't suit straw hats or baseball caps but at least they're being sensible BUT what is possessing other people (read: mainly men in their late teens to mid 20s, though girls with multi-layered tops and platform wedges have also been seen) to still be wearing woolen hats?

Shirt pockets have cigarette packets competing for space with fans. I'm yet to get a fan. I haven't seen one cute enough yet. And around the neck people are wearing their mobile phone, on a cute strap, naturally, or an i-pod, with massive headphones.

And bum-bags (fanny packs, whatever you call them) - there are TOO many of them suddenly around. Of course, if you have no hips and no bum they don't actually look SO bad.


Blogger K said...

bobby pins?

6:19 am

Blogger Jo said...

not bobby pins. bobby pins a about 3 cm's long. this are like the bill of a crane in shape.

9:20 am

Blogger K said...

ooooh...thoooose. yeah, i don't know what they are called.

1:28 am

Blogger darth said...

i don't get that woolen hat thing either...my brother-in-law over there wears one, even during the hot humid summertime...wtf?

11:29 am


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