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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sundays 'oo' of the day

I'd not been into one of our local supermarkets since it revamped in April. Anyway, today I did and the edge of shelf price tags are all electric and start flashing if they suddently decide something is on special. Soooo cool!

Again I was saddened by the prices here of fresh fruit and veg. They had watermelons for nearly 2000 yen (that's ten quid) and their apples were 198 yen each (two quid). If you want to convert it to anything else go visit http://www.xe.com/ucc/ .

They had a display of various pickled things (foods not livers) and the assistant starting offering me samples which was nice. I wasn't quite so sure about how I felt about his opinion that I wouldn't like the things though (because I'm a foreigner) - "it's too salty, no?", "it's too bitter, no?", etc.

One of those things, I guess.

The other infuriating thing about this supermarket was it was, apparantly, divided into three different stores - each of which you had to pay for at different sodding tills. Grrrr.

Of course the price thing is the only thing that IS cool right now. It's not even summer yet but we're all starting to wilt. For the first time I've put my fan on. I'm trying to resist aircon for a bit longer. And it didn't rain today: it's rainy season which means it keeps sodding well raining.... . Looks like the next three months I'm either going to be wet from rain or sweat every day. How nice!

The other downside to the rain (apart from being wet, having hassles trying to dry washing, etc) is wet pavements and umbrella carrying people who don't look where they are going. Off my bike I get battered my brollies. On my bike -- well, let's leave it that I came off on Friday and Saturday... and it hurt, especially on Friday which wasn't my fault.


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