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Sunday, May 22, 2005

And the final random 34 for 34...

And another 34!

  1. I've had eczema all my life;
  2. English is, embarrasingly, the only language I'm now proficient in;
  3. I have good friends on four continents;
  4. One of my favourite movies is 'La Cite des Enfants Perdu';
  5. I once questioned a trainee priest about his sex life;
  6. My first ever foreign holiday was as a baby - to Spain;
  7. I've been in amateur dramatics performances;
  8. I've worked on the sets of several no budget movies;
  9. I once hitched a lift with a bomb disposal expert;
  10. I twice nearly drowned and once slipped off a cliff;
  11. I've fallen off a motorbike, horse and bicycle (not on the same day);
  12. As a kid, I never hurt myself. As an adult, I suddenly became clumsy;
  13. As a kid, dentists never bothered me. As an adult, they make me very nervous;
  14. I used to hate needles and have to lie down to have an injection. Now, I'm fine and can watch it being done;
  15. I ran away from home once as a kid. It only lasted a couple of hours as I got hungry and went back;
  16. I once spent a couple of months doing an archaeological dig in the south of France ;
  17. At university I had a baby golden pheasant chick as a pet for a while. I took it for walks and taught it to fly;
  18. Also at university I once had to dispose of a couple of hundred porno mags (not mine) that someone was stashing in my flat;
  19. I can't juggle. I have no co-ordination;
  20. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 8 or 9;
  21. I can bend my little finger back to touch the back of my hand and bend my thumb to touch the inside of my wrist;
  22. I've worked in a wine 'museum';
  23. I hated school and had all sorts of mysterious (psychosomatic) pains develop as a result;
  24. I had hundreds of nose bleeds as a kid but only a tiny handful afterwards;
  25. I lived on a farm for six months in Cornwall, England;
  26. My paternal grandparents were Russian and my maternal ones were Polish. I only ever met one of the four;
  27. I can only get on my bike from the right hand side, otherwise I cannot get my balance straight off the pedal;
  28. I've never been able to do a cartwheel;
  29. Queen was the first band I ever got into - at age 7 - and I couldn't go to sleep as a kid without listening to one of their tapes;
  30. As a teenager I did work experience at Just 17 magazine, a recording studio, an advertising agency and a newspaper;
  31. One day, aged about 14, I was allowed into an operating theatre to watch lots of operations taking place;
  32. I was drunkenly persuaded to join an internet dating site a couple of years ago. Met up with two guys from it. Some odd emails from other guys... Don't think I'll try it again;
  33. I adore the book 'The Little Prince';
  34. I don't get crushes that often but, when I do, they can last for years;


Anonymous Nix said...

huuum... after reading this, a lot of things in your blog are suddenly making sense.
The falls off a horse and bike and cliff obviously had an impact! ;)

Keep Blogging... this site is what keeps me going on terribly boring days at work!

3:10 am


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