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Saturday, May 14, 2005

34 more for 34....

In celebration (what the?) of my last 33 years, here's another list of random things, and guess what? I've a final 34 waiting to be posted in a few more days time!
  1. The first concert I ever went to was 'Kajagoogoo' when I was about 11ish.
  2. I love storms, choppy water and air turbulence;
  3. I talk (out loud) to myself far too often;
  4. At school I was constantly in trouble, but never bad enough to get suspended;
  5. Seeing animals in cages really upsets me;
  6. I spent a couple of years doing voluntary work with adults with learning difficulties;
  7. I was president of RAG (a society that raises money within the university and community for charities) for a few months at university, before I gave up;
  8. I spent 15 years flatsharing and don't think I could ever do it again;
  9. I did some asthma trials as a way to raise money before coming to Japan;
  10. I'm scared of 'conventional' doctors treat things with acupuncture or homeopathy when possible;
  11. I've snogged two girls in the past - I was extremely drunk that night;
  12. I hate dark chocolate;
  13. I gave up smoking 4 times. The last time was about 5 years ago;
  14. I have a psychology and American studies degree and a post grad journalism;
  15. My ambition is to live and work on every contintent;
  16. I've done some stupid things in the past, but have no real regrets;
  17. I love picking scabs, bursting blisters, etc;
  18. I could never do high-jump at school because I was scared of the bar;
  19. Going down stairs nearly always makes me nervous of falling;
  20. Beach holidays hold no appeal to me;
  21. I rarely finish tasks that I start;
  22. I read tarot cards from age 11 to age 21 and then stopped;
  23. My first real crush was when I was 12. It was a guy whose kids I babysat for;
  24. I hate the taste and smell of aniseed;
  25. I could read at age 2.5, but my academic brilliance then sort of disappeared forever;
  26. I was on tv twice as a kid - once in a documentary about computers in school and once on Newsround;
  27. As a kid, I lived opposite actress Kate O'Mara (Dynasty and Triangle) and used to leave flowers on her doorstep;
  28. I'm unable to trace my family tree and I have no contact with any of my family;
  29. I hate heavy metal and most hard rock;
  30. I've been to one football game, one rugby game, one baseball game and one American Football game. And not really understood any of them;
  31. I've stewarded at concerts at Wembley Stadium;
  32. Until I was 27.5 years old, I'd never had a job that wasn't temping or temporary;
  33. I'm a complete technophobe and I never read instructions;
  34. I'd never eaten any Indian food before age 18.


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