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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Life back in Tokyo

Today I'm not doing anything. Well, I should do some practical boring things, and I was invited to join some friends for a picnic, but the plan is to take it easy as I've basically had packed days every day for the last few weeks.

And I still have more skin that needs peeling off.

One thing I didn't include in the Taiwan posts but that keeps playing on my mind was there was a guy in Taichung, in a car, who pulled over and propositioned me for sex. It didn't freak me out so much as disgust me and, luckily, I happened to be about two minutes away from my hotel and, for once, knew exactly where I was. This was good because his car followed me and kept stopping for almost a minute. There WERE police cars up the road and I considered telling them - partly in case it was happening to other people - but figured chances were there'd be a language barrier and it'd be too much hassle. I just hope he isn't going around attacking random westerners.

Anyway, enough of that. Since being back I've had a couple of days or randomly wandering around with people. Tuesday I met up with Julie, from TT, and a friend of hers and randomly wandered around Shinjuku, introducing her to the Christon Cafe, naturally. And yesterday randomly wandered around Ueno with another teacher who was on the same flight as me and several training days, but who I'd never managed to hook up with before. Nice day talking crap and bitching about the world.

I enjoy talking crap and bitching. As frequently as possible please.


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