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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bikes, bottoms, blossoms and bamboo stilts

My bum hurts from a lot of cycling on my granny bike (no gears, basket on front). Well, it wouldn't have been quite so much cycling if I hadn't got lost.

Today was beautiful. A really nice spring day and I hope it lasts for a while longer.

There's a massive park locally that took about 15 minutes to cycle to. I'd not got around to going there up to now, which is a shame. Anyway, it was beautiful and it gave me a chance to play with my new camera. There were dozens and dozens of sakura trees in full bloom - and rather a lot of people, but they were mainly sitting down under the trees so that wasn't too bad.

And the ice cream in the vending machines was wonderful!

In the park was a massive open air museum with lots of reconstructed 1600's buildings inside to walk around and in. Very relaxing and peaceful.....

And there were bamboo stilts to play with, which I did and managed to skin a chunk of my finger on a bit of rogue bamboo. Ouch :(

I managed to find the right exit to leave by which was quite an achievement as I'm directionally challenged and couldn't figure out where was 'here' on any of the park maps I looked at. After that I'm not sure what happened but I got rather lost and confused. Made it back eventually though and stopped off in a little shop to buy a couple of bits including a tin of what I thought was going to be tuna (it was next to sardines, but this was a VERY small shop). Got back and openend it and my first reaction to the chunks inside was that I'd bought cat food. It did have a couple of little tooth picks attached on top though so I'm guessing this was unlikely. I walked with it to the bin several times before deciding it couldn't be cat food, and put it in a salad and ate it. I have absolutely no idea what it was, but I've had a similar sauce on tinned mackeral before. If it WAS cat food, it was nice cat food, that's all I can say.


And my bum now hurts, a lot, from the cycling. I've a feeling tomorrow will be very painful! It was worth it though, and I'm happy to realise I'm not affected by the pollen here like I thought I'd be and like the rest of Tokyo is. A slight snuffle and need for a mask now and then and that's it! I got hayfever pretty badly in the UK.

Hot bath time now I think!


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