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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Hanami Part One

Went to a nearby park. The whole area around the station and streets was much busier than I've ever seen them on a Sunday.

Bought food and booze and met friends in park to worship the cherry blossom - er, to drink. Got a wee bit tipsy and decided we really needed music.

Oh, by the way, there was one tree in full bloom and another tree that had a branch with blossom, so we were a tad early.

Anyway, I spotted a random guy with a guitar, some 100 metres from us, sitting on a bench by himself, and we 'persuaded' one of the girls with us to get the guy over to play for us.

To set the scene, there were lots of groups of people sitting on tarpaulin's in the park with picnics and booze to celebrate the blossom.

Random Guy came over and joined us and we spent the next few hours singing loudly to his guitar. At one stage an Aussie with a didgeridoo (hey, I'm no Aussie, I don't know how to spell this word!) came over to say hi. Not surprisingly he'd heard us. He was with a load of Japanese mates about 100 metres from us. He told us one of his mates had Indian drums with him. He played the didgi for us and played a couple of tunes on Random Guy's guitar before going back to his group. Later a couple of us decided to stagger over and persuade Didgi guy and his drumming mate to join us, and they obliged.

It WAS all slightly surreal. Another couple of random people - Aussie girl and Japanese boyfriend - decided to stop by too and that Japanese guy played some tunes on Random Guy's guitar.

All good drunken fun. Though we were slightly jealous of Didgi and Drum guys arrays of candles, which we didn't have!

Ah..... Nothing like loud drunken singing. And whenever we were quiet we could hear other groups of people in the park doing the same thing!


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