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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Scary experience

This evening I was about 15 seconds away from passing out / throwing up on a train. Very scary.

I'd been out drinking for a couple of friends birthdays but I don't think I'd particularly had that much to drink - one pint of beer and maybe 3 or 4 Smirnoff Ice's. 5 at a squeeze. And we'd grabbed a bite before, and I grabbed (I know, I know...) a Big Yuck burger afterwards.

The last train stops at stations it doesn't stop at during the day on my line, meaning it takes much longer. Luckily it wasn't as crammed as it normally is, but it was bad enough and I didn't have a seat. First few stations were okay although I was feeling shattered due to a few nights of not very good sleep - this was also the reason I was on the last train and not singing karaoke.

I was humming away - apparantly - as guy next to me pointed out, in English, a seat someone had vacated and did I want it - I said no. He then started asking me lots of (elementary level) questions in English. Completely random stuff and he asked what I'd been humming. I said I'd not realised I had been. Insanity anyone?

And then suddenly I started feeling really crap - really hot, really faint and a bit sick. And by a couple more stations things started going a bit darker (think of someone playing with a dimmer switch) and were really swimming. He saw me holding my stomach and asked if I was okay and opened a window and tried to get someone to give me a seat but I was nearing my station and was seriously worried I'd pass out if I sat down - and then I'd be stuck fuck knows where having to get a taxi back.

I managed to get off the train and squated against a wall for a bit and was then kind of okay.

Scared me though!


Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

You poor thing, that must have been scary. Glad you are alright.

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