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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Waa Waa Waa Waa (shake, shake, shake, shake)

Er, that's a karaoke impression for you! And I won't hear anything said against karaoke in Japan. I ADORE the little private booths you get with your friends. I love being able to control the volume, the dimmer switch for the lights, to be able to order your drinks with a remote control, to not have to listen to drunken strangers singing, to have a tambourine to go mad with. Can't be beaten!

I tend to go for things like 'Leader of the Pack', 'Eye of the Tiger', anything by Abba, or anything that can be belted out and isn't too high!

I ventured in 'Tokyo Hands' yesterday (a big department store) and bought an April-April diary (with free stickers, natch) in the vague hope of organising my life - from April. I'm missing birthdays left, right and centre, I'm not keeping notes of things related to extra pay - well, I am but in 25,000 different places. But I guess old habits die hard and I'll remain chaotic forever. Bugger.

In 'Tokyo Hands', I saw lots of little clothes. Not for dogs this time though, but for phones. You can have the most stylish phone in Tokyo if you're lucky. In this season's designer range, we have grey hooded sleeveless zip up jackets (for the slightly warmer evening), or for a more chic look how about a silk, Chinese style top with built in bust and a fastening on the diagonal (sleeveless). Or maybe your phone would just prefer a nice padded sleeping bag of it's own for those chilly winter nights? Or maybe a big furry dog with abnormally large head and zipper in it's mouth to make your phone feel or snug and loved while it hides in said dog.

And then there's your baby. To keep the little mite quiet and happy you'll get a pacifier/dummy right? I mean, you don't it sucking it's thumb. But which one to chose? The blue one? The pink one? The white one? Don't be daft. You can get a 'Lil' Vampire' one from 'Tokyo Hands': http://www.maskworld.com/display-product-full_0_8037_english_teeth.html or maybe a 'Lil' Piglet' one for that cute snouted look: http://www.kultschnuller.de/popup_image.php?pID=36

And there you go. I love Japan. LMAO.


Blogger darth said...

tokyo hands is a great store! i wish we had something similar here in the states..

3:26 am


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