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Friday, March 11, 2005

Ooo I'm a silly moo!

On the train this morning I saw the cutest thing - a little girl (wearing a skirt in the same material as her mums - not sure about that though) who was all sleepy. So sleepy that she was having trouble deciding between eating a cake she was clutching or falling asleep. There was a real battle of needs going on. It was the funniest thing ever. She kept nodding off. And when the mother tried to remove the cake, the kid started howling. The mother gave it back, kid took one nibble and zonked out. Very funny.

Oh and I nearly lost one of million umbrellas today. I put it into the umbrella condom machine and it got stuck! For anyone that doesn't remember me talking about umbrella condoms before: outside supermarkets, department stores and any shop too big to leave your wet umbrella dripping in a rack outside, there is a little machine that contains plastic 'sleeves' to stop your brolly dripping. You insert the umbrella, the condom, er sleeve, goes on and you pull your umbrella out. Simple. Today it got stuck though and a security man came to my rescue. After about 5 minutes of him fighting with it he got it out, and gave me the dirtiest look. Well, by Japanese standards. By UK standards he gave me a midly displeased look!

Today I had very few hours of teaching but felt I was actually teaching. Some days I feel like I'm going through motions and just directing students through a book, rather than 'teaching'. Today wasn't one of those days though. I was pleased!


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