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Saturday, January 29, 2005


I had my four month review with my boss today and I glow! Not surprisingly, am thrilled with this :D

Oh, and I saw a poodle in combat gear. No gun though...

The headache from Wednesday night is STILL lingering on. It's now 00:46 Saturday morning. Not good :(

I was using a text book today that used the expression 'to get off with'. None of my upper intermediate students knew this expression and complained it wasn't in the dictionary. They looked shocked when I explained it. (Yeah, right!) The Japanese make a great sound to express disbelief/shock. It's an 'ehhh' that slowly goes up and up at the end for about five seconds. It cracks us foreigners off. I can't help but take the piss now when I hear this wonderful sound. They, of course, think this is hilarious and laugh at us laughing at them. Normal service resumes eventually...

Oh and I wish I could find some humous (no, I CAN'T be arsed to make it) and pickled herrings (yes, I AM weird).


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