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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Not so angry Jo

I had a discussion with my neighbour today about what we'll do when 'the big one' hits Tokyo. Assuming of course that a) we're still alive and b) we're still in Tokyo. We concluded we have no idea and we'll figure it out when it happens. I, for one, refuse to waste water by permantly keeping my bath stocked up with water 'in case'. And I can't be bothered to go and stock up on 2 weeks worth of tuna cans. What happens happens.

I said, my biggest priority would be to email everyone, assuming of course that all connections weren't buggered, to at least stop my friends from all panicking and worrying about me.

Where we were would make a massive difference. If we were at home, we'd be okay probably as these are pretty new buildings. Must find out how to turn my gas supply off though. We concluded we'd open our doors and stay put as more deaths will be caused by falling things and fires than anything else. Of course, not knowing the state of roads or transport, or even if any convenience stores were open, would become a problem but that's a slightly longer term worry I guess.

Some of my schools would be devastated by a quake. I guess if it happens we're all hoping we're in a 'safer' place.

What will happen, will happen I guess, and better it happen somewhere like Tokyo where it's being expected than, well, somewhere that isn't, I guess!


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