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Monday, December 27, 2004

Money, money, money

Did anyone ever notice that Sainsbury's (supermarket in the UK) chocolate coins come in the most strange currencies. I mean, it doesn't make them taste any less yummy or anything, but I just wondered.

Oh and I've decided I have to find a new Japanese teacher. Her habit of telling me how hard things are is doing my head right in. And today she was talking about one tense being past and the other being not past. I asked her whether she meant the other tense was present or future and she said no. And then told me it was difficult. GAH! I'm sure I sit there with a look of total bewilderment on my face, and she doesn't notice. I asked her to teach me some very simple grammar today, for example, and my head nearly blew. I explained I wanted to know how to say things like: 'to buy', 'I would like to buy', 'I bought', 'I will buy'. I told her I wasn't interested, at this point, in second or third person, I just wanted to start being able to communicate.

She grabbed a grammar book and started going into technicalites, after telling me verbs weren't important and should wait until we get further through the book. I had to explain to her that without verbs you couldn't communicate. I'm not sure she agreed. I felt drained by the end of the hour, and had to come home for a nap!


Blogger head said...

Check this guy's site out: Japanese Verbs

2:07 am

Blogger Jo said...

Cheers, Brent. I've bookmarked it to squizz at later.

3:39 pm


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