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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Thoughts of the Day

How many millions of disposable chopsticks must the Japanese get through every day?

How many pairs of chopsticks can be made from one tree?

Why have I been told there are lots of Yakuza (mafia) at the university near me, when Yakuza are meant to be uneducated?

I feel some student interrogation coming on.....

And, have a go at this website: http://y.20q.net/anon - it's a computerised version of 20 questions. I beat it with mirror and teacher and then gave it stamp which it gave me in 19. It gives you random comments.

For mirror, after it gave up, it said (all quotes are from puter):

Can it cheer you up? You said Depends, I say Yes.

(it's obviously never had a bad day then!)

Is it normally planted in gardens? I say Probably.

(come again, computer?)

Would you find it on a farm? You said Maybe, I say No.

(so farming communities don't use mirrors then?)

Can you control it? I say No.

(oh oh, mirror on the loose.)

Does it live in large populations? I say Yes.


Is it a type of fruit? I say Yes.

(yum, yum, mirror fruit is my favourite)

And for 'stamp' it then told me:

Does it slobber? I say Probably



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