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Monday, December 06, 2004

Only TWO packets?

Today I only got given two packets of tissues. Normally on a Monday I get lots more. I think my record for free packs was last Monday when I got 8 or 9.

There was a second teacher in my school today. So far, I've been the only teacher in on Monday in that school. Having someone else there was kind of odd, but nice. We shared games ideas with each other and I've learned another three that I'll have to try out.

I got given a bag of fruit today by a student. Three massive apples and 8 or 10 satsumas. Have I mentioned how much I love my students? Some of them anyway! And I'm slowly getting rid of some of my not so favourites - like 12 year old know-it-all who lived in England for years and is, pretty much, impossible to teach. SUCH a shame my schedule couldn't accommodate her moving to a later class on Saturdays.

Oh and receptionist gave me a satsuma too :D

Students have many different reasons for wanting to learn English. Naturally, with the kids it's because their parents make them, but the adults: some want it for work or travel. Some want to live in an English speaking country at some point. Others learn as a hobby. And some do it to relax - maybe the only time in the week they get to themselves is when they come to English lessons, or it's the only regular thing they have in their weekly schedule as they don't have jobs. One student of mine, has lessons in 3 different schools I think. I don't want to imagine how much that's costing her, but it's her pleasure, so good on her.

One of the kids in one of my classes - three 6 year olds - is a little shit I've decided. The three of them have been coming to the school together for about 2 or 3 years so know each other, and the way we teach, pretty well. Thing is, little shit (okay, I'm being a bit unfair) is taller than, and fatter than, the other two by quite a bit and pushes them around physically, grabs things from them, won't always co-operate and won't attempt to listen to instructions. Remember these are SIX year olds with pretty limited English so the instructions are simple. The other two have no problems with them. Hell, my three year olds have no problems with my instuctions. It's not like he doesn't understand what is required, as some activities I repeat every week. And he's not thick, as he sometimes will answer things. He's also not too bright for the lesson so bored. And activities are turned around pretty quickly. He does go off into la-la land with the book work sometimes - and book work only lasts about 10 minutes. Oh well.

I had my 10 year old girlies shouting today. Well, there's only one way to teach 'whisper' and 'shout' in my opinion. I wonder what the receptionist thought of that!

Mrs Cheeky Bint - floating student - annoyed me a bit today. She comes in for chats so no preparation is needed for her, which is quite nice. The first time I had her I was nervous as other teachers had left lots of comments saying how difficult and unpleasant she was and rude, etc. We, however, had a lovely lesson, and she told the receptionist she wanted lessons with me whenever I had a gap in my schedule. Today was such a day, as Mr Hairspray is away all December. Now, Mrs Cheeky Bint likes me quite a bit. I know because she told me so. So, half hour lesson - ten, maybe slightly more, minutes general chit chat about this, that, Japanese men vs English men, that kind of thing. Then she hits me with R. R is a teacher she had for quite a while whom she adored. She spent the rest of the lesson telling me about him and about how wonderful he was, how he had a weird Japanese girlfriend, how she misses him and she showed me his picture on her phone. Maybe she has a crush on him, I don't know. Anyway, she then asks me if I'll do her a favour - 8 minutes before the end of the lesson - and produces a letter she's written to R that she wants me to go through with her. Of course, it meant the lesson ran over by nearly 10 minutes. Hey, I wasn't to know how many errors would be in it before I agreed. Gah! Still, rather Mrs Cheeky Bint than Mr Hairspray No Personality.


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