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Monday, December 06, 2004


I was going to write about my students, and started the post, but it was too boring.

Saturday night was the first of the three work Christmas parties I have. Had a blast! It was a lot of fun, with about 30 teachers and 200+ adult students. I introduced one of my favourite students to Tequila Slammers - that wonderful bit of British culture. The Japanese staff at teh restaurant thought it was very funny and honked a horn when we'd done it. My students face was a picture. She obviously hadn't realised how strong tequila is!

Later on, it was decided everyone would sing Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer. Naturally there was a great deal of confusion over the words, though some lines were being handed around. One of my neighbours and I started belting it out where we were standing. To help people learn, you understand. I think being a teacher is making me not give a toss about what I do anymore. It was either that or the rather interesting looking drinks we were being served.

About 60 of us decided to go onto a pub afterwards. This, naturally, caused great confusion, and the group ended up accidently splitting up and then deciding which lot should join which lot. I just wanted a drink.

On the way we passed a restaurant with a tank of water and two live turtles inside. Dinner for later that night? I felt very sorry for them, with their little wrinkled heads and legs, and their snouty noses poking above the water. I did consider liberation for a split second but it would have been pretty impractical. And it was raining heavily. And I wanted to get into the pub.

On the way home, my neighbour and I decided we had to have some noodles. We were both SO tired - having got up very early and done a full days work before the party - that we ordered our food and just sat there giggling. The staff must have thought we were nuts!

Sunday - had a headache. Had a flat to clean and tidy, and couldn't be bothered, so just spent time on the computer, after a long lie in, and then had another long nap. Hey, I LIKE napping. Later on went out for drinks and food with three of my neighbours - other teachers for the same company. We were loud. It was a fun evening though.

The (Japanese) guy at the table next to us, had his tracksuit bottoms rolled up to the knee. This is another weird look I keep seeing all around on Japanese guys in their 20's. Odd.

And, in the loos, there was a basket of sanitary towels. I've never seen this before. It also says a lot about Japanese culture, that they trust people enough to not just pocket the lot, as would happen in England.

Only five days til the next party......


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