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Friday, November 26, 2004

Trains, bikes and satsumas

This morning I took the wrong train. Twice. Now that takes skill. I teach on a Friday two stations from where I live. My Japanese lesson (with scarey, intimidating teacher) is in the middle station between these two, therefore getting to work from Japanese lesson meant going one stop. Today, however, I managed to accidently get on a fast train which took me six stations too far to the east. I then got on the wrong train to go back and went five stations too far to the west of where I wanted to go. Both trains took ages to get going and I ended up too late for a meeting I was meant to have!

I then managed to open the door of a new cupboard in the school and watch it come off in my hand.

Finally, one of my colleagues had a student scheduled he didn't like and asked if I'd swap with him. I didn't mind so agreed. Time of lesson came and I took the wrong student into my class and started the lesson (well, I'd met the student I should have had once, but I have so many students I'd forgotten what she looked like and the one sitting waiting smiled and...) until my colleague came in and pointed out I'd taken the wrong one. Hey, I'll teach anyone me! He ended up discussing Bush for most of his lesson, so I think I had a lucky escape. I just tortured my poor student with phrasal verbs. She's booked more lessons with me though (some students don't have regular days or regular teachers).

Today's school has a large and rather nice Christmas Tree. Nobody is meant to notice that it's hung with rabbits and eggs, so I pointed them out to one of my ten year old girls. We giggled our heads off. The school manager still couldn't explain the Christmas rabbit or Christmas egg though... Actually I had her miming in the class today (private lesson, just her) and she's hilarious. We both giggled. A lot. And she's a great kid - as long as you hold her attention! She has a very weird brother though that my colleague teaches at the same time. He doesn't think he could handle the sister, I don't think I could handle teaching weird brother. It works out well.

Another of my students commented I looked tired. I gave her a tough lesson as a result. That'll teach her!

I always used to get a little confused when I went to get my bike as it wasn't exactly where I'd left it. Remember, you lock them to themselves, not to any other object. Today, in two places, I realised why. A little man (in both places I saw them, they were little men) is employed to straighten out bikes and maximise space available. Sweet. Especially as these are generally in places that I don't think they should be. There are bike parking exclusion zones around stations for quite a distance.

Today I treated myself to a colouring book to go with the colouring pencils I got the other day. I felt the urge. Sarah, I'm sure will understand, but I doubt anyone else will!

I also treated myself to a bag of ten satsumas. I found a supermarket they weren't quite so expensive - worked out about 100 - 120 yen per satsuma. http://www.xe.com/ucc/ if you want to convert that!

And the school manager today asked if I fancied going out for lunch with her and some other teachers on Sunday. Should be nice.

I feel I'm finding my feet now, instead of just flapping around and hoping for the best.

And the wind outside is mad! It's going bananas and really whipping one up. Everything is thumping and clanging around out there. Hope my bike is still in one piece by the morning!


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