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Friday, November 12, 2004

Bookshops, persimmons, sleep and stinky dogs

This morning I washed my duvet cover and hung it on the balcony to dry. We`ve had about five days or so of lovely sunshine. Today it rained. Grrrr!

I`m loving my persimmons. They sort of sweet and crunchy and orange. Niiiiiice. I hope I get given more fruit. Actually, I think one of my students is going to put some Japanese music onto a CD for me. We were discussing music in the class and I said I`d not heard any Japanese stuff. Her parting words were something to do with did I have a cassette player or a cd player. I hope I`m right! I love my students. :D

Student with six chihuahua`s brought one of them in. It was a scrawny, little thing that just laid across the student`s lap and did nothing. Call that a dog?? And it wore a t-shirt, though not a Beckham one. And it absolutely stank. The receptionist thinks the student stinks too, but I couldn`t tell whether the all the smell was from the dog or not so I`ll reserve judgement for now. He normally sits a bit further away from me too!!!

I finally got around to hunting down one of the secondhand Englsih bookshops in Tokyo. Heaven. Except I was running late so it was a whistlestop tour, which was horrible. Shopping for books should not be rushed under any circumstances, in my opinion. Anyway, I grabbed two. I really should investigate the situation with English novels in libraries here. The bookshop buys as wells as sells, so I guess I should be disciplined, and not hoard like I normally do!

Sleep is a funny thing here. It seems everyone learns from an early age that it is of a premium and to be grabbed whenever and wherever possible. As a result you often see young kids in the basket on a fast moving bike, sound asleep. Or a businessman on a train, one arm resting in the overhead strap, sound asleep. On Sunday, at the festival, this little kid was sitting on his little bike in front of the, extremely loud, drums, and just sort of dozed off, sitting upright. It was hilarious. Took ages for his dad to notice too!


Blogger Suburban Island said...

Hi, this is Little Island - www.alittleisland.com. I know what you mean about shopping for books not being rushed. I was at a bookstore last night just basking in potential purchases and my husband came in and rushed me so I wound up just throwing up my hands and settling for a single book.

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