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Friday, October 29, 2004

Bright green drinks

I love the bright green drinks here. It could be fizzy melon, but I`m really not sure...

Last night, after posting and getting the train home, I went to get my bike and after getting extremely stressed with the machine when it wouldn`t release my bike, ended up paying again. This morning I left it in another bike park, with an elderly attendant. I have a feeling it`ll be plain sailing. As long as it isn`t shut when I get back. And he was awfully sweet too.

I had feedback from the second lesson observed last week today. I thought the lesson had gone pretty well, but there`s loads I can change apparantly. It was a useful exercise having this done though. At least it gives more ideas. hmph.

I`m losing one of my favourite private students. Last week, during her regular class, another kid observed - ie joined in but hadn`t paid to do so, and my kid enjoyed the group lesson so much she wants to join a group. Sweet kid. I`ll miss her.

When I got back last night, there was a phone directory outside my apartment. I seem to be left these every week. Maybe they`ll stop now I have one addressed to me? Of course, I can`t understand them, but anyway..........

Shoes should be taken off before entering houses and a variety of other buildings. I now feel guilty even if I wear them into my own one. How mad is that?

There. A shorter post. Happier now? ;-)


Blogger Elspeth said...

I wasnt complaining :) I love your posts, does it take like melon? sounds yummy!

12:07 pm

Blogger Jo said...

i know. i didn`t have more to say, that was all!

4:03 pm

Blogger Gerardo said...


4:16 pm


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