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Friday, October 15, 2004

Always do your homework!

So today I came a little unstuck in one of the classes when attempting to teach a grammar point I`d not prepared beforehand and had never even heard of. The sodding teachers notes were no bloody help on this either. The class were pretty good about it and said they did understand the point but just couldn`t get hear it on the tapes, or something like that. GAH! Why is English so sodding complicated? Anyway, I suppose I`ll have to attempt to get my head around it before next Friday. Or just ask someone else.

I forgot to also mention that the internet cafe I described yesterday also had a shower. In fact they are `media cafe`s` with banks of magazines, videos, etc to be used here too. Pretty cool. I guess.

Though not as cool as my blanket. The company sorted out new futons and bedding for us, and I have THE most lush blanket. It`s super soft. Just like a kitten. And so nice to snuggle into!

There`s an article on the bbc website http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/3708098.stm about Japan opening up it`s immigration policy, etc. The thing that really strikes me though is it talks about how everyone is homogenous here. I realised that`s one of the things I like: being different from everyone else.

It also amazes me that I`ve not mentioned the Pachinko parlours here. I`ve not ventured into one yet but think games arcades and lots and lots of them. Absolutely everywhere. And big and bright like everything else. I don`t know that much about Pachinko, except it involves businessmen sitting in front of a machine, pulling a lever and watching 100`s of little silver balls shoot down. And then you win money. Or not. Or something like that. It`s meant to be relaxing. Ooo, I just found this: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2065.html

Another fashion thingy here at the moment is longish denim shorts and boots. Very very popular.

I`m a teacher. Seriously, it`s only just hit me I`m not playing at this. And I can`t even begin to explain how much I don`t miss my old life. Only people.......

I`m also quite lucky, I think, in as much as I teach in five schools in five very different areas. This means I have a huge variety of students.

And it was sunny today! But I was stuck inside, apart from a couple of little venturings out. Including one into the Vodaphone shop to try to get a mobile. They didn`t speak English. I don`t speak Japanese. I`ll try again next week, with a Japanese speaker!


Blogger Elspeth said...

I know someone who tried to get a Japanese mobile, he ended up grabbing someone off the street to translate. He brought the mobile back to show me. Have to say - it was really funky

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