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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Some Day Off!

Today is Sunday. It's my day off, and it's pissing it down outside. What a great day to be moving my stuff from hotel to apartment! The rest of my day 'off' will be spent unpacking (or thinking about it and making rough piles to sort later), and doing proper lesson plans for tomorrow (yesterday I did a lot of photocopying of materials).

I'll also have to locate the nearest internet cafe, supermarket, etc today.

No rest for the wicked, eh??!


Blogger elspeth said...

yesterday was raining here and its sunny today, I would imagine there are loads of internet cafes there, but I guess you just never know.... Have a good move, bet you will be glad to sort yourself out.

10:59 am

Blogger muser said...

I've just been catching up, haven't been online much. Keep in touch - sounds like you're having a fab time!

6:15 am


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