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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Counting the hours

What happened to the weeks and days? We're now on an hourly countdown - or would be if I stayed sober and unoccupied enough to think about this more than once or twice a day.

Today I got my currency. I've never seen Yen before. It looks like play money, though a bit more valuable. I also managed to get a final suit, another bag and sundry other bits and pieces. Most of the big things are done now, and most of the things I have to get rid of are gone, courtesy mainly of me throwing things at people and persuading them they do need it. I'm not even so bothered about the money now, just to see things have gone to nice homes.

One of my flatmates REALLY pissed me off this morning. My room isn't exactly the largest ever, so to organise myself I've spilled over to the lounge since Thursday. Flatmate, who's going to be away all weekend, asked if I could organise things better and not spread out quite so much so they could use the table (everything is on or under the table) and they're away this weekend. I leave on Monday. I fumed for many hours about the unreasonableness of the request. Maybe he's just pissed off still about me removing my aerial? Whatever. My own place in a handful of hours now!

I'm left with packing and cleaning of room now. Oh and frustration once I realise there's no way I'm going to actually get everything into case that I think I'm taking. It's all so so soon. Can't bloody wait!

Of course, having only just realised I quite enjoy clothes shopping is NOT a good thing at this stage in the game!


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