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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

This time next week I'll be in Japan!

Yesterday was my last day at work. I've now left the television industry. Shit, I'm happy!!!

I left so much stuff undone that I'm sure I'll be cursed for months and months to come. Oh well. Shame.

I was walking in front of two girls yesterday who were having THE most ridiculous conversation. One was explaining to the others how she likes to challenge herself to little things, like seeing how long she could carry her bag in a certain position for, and so on. I heard this conversation going on for at least five minutes. Madness.

I had a freaky phonecall today. I'm advertising loads of stuff for sale, and this one guy called up about a sleeping bag. Was it mine? Was it still available? Had I slept in it naked? euw. Freak. I hung up.

I've gone back to brunette. Seems appropriate to have a big change before a big change. Don't many women have complete makeovers after their divorces, or something? I wonder if getting rid of the blonde hair will get rid of the blonde tendencies? I doubt it somehow!

My friends think I'm a freak who's obsessed with toilets. I've seen the pictures of the toilets in Japan that have the sink above the loo as part of the same unit. Genius. I've also heard about the loos that play music so you don't have to listen to yourself, the loos that heat up, the loos that analyse your pee for you. And I can't wait to experience them. Ditto the vending machines. One friend even went as far as to suggest I should send him a pair of knickers from one of the machines. Yeah, right!

I discovered tonight melting chocolate in the microwave burns it. Gutting.

And the hours are closing in before leaving!


Blogger Karen said...

jo - this is all so exciting! Reading all of this, I feel as if I'm heading off somewhere new and different. Unfortunately, I'm not. But I'm definitely going to keep reading your blog - thanks for sharing.

11:15 pm


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