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Monday, September 13, 2004

Lotsa Lasts

Today was the last day at my second job before I go. It's yet another in a long list of fast moving lasts and, although I hadn't been there long, I do think I'll miss some of the people there. Two weeks tomorrow I go. I can't believe how the time is flying by now, and my moods are still all over the place, although now swinging from extremely excited to extremely scared!

Also, I'm 12 days into an 18 day stretch of working without a single day off, thereby making me so knackered I'm probably overreacting to and becoming hypersensitive to most happenings. If my body clock would sort itself out (I don't NEED to wake up at 3am every day) that would also help. Of course, by the time it does settle itself, I'll be off to Japan and throwing it back out again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jo, how efficient you are! With that sleeping pattern of yours you will not even suffer from jet lag once you have arrived in Japan!
I'll keep on reading your blog, very curious how things will be once you get there!
Hugs, Spekkie

4:15 pm


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