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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Smug Bitch

I just booked the seat on my flight. There were only three aisle seats left.

And I have one.

This makes me extremely happy as I drink and need the loo on flights constantly. Sounds like the flight is pretty full though, so maybe not so much chance of getting several seats to spread out on.


I also picked up my Certificate of Eligibility (very pretty!) and went to the embassy today to get my visa, and there was no queue! Anyway, I pick it up on Friday. I'm starting to care less and less about everything else now, and my current job has turned from tedium to torture. 9 and a quarter days left at desk here.


Blogger muser said...

May I suggest not so much gin so you don't have to go to the loo more often?

12:23 am

Blogger Jo said...

If I had as much gin as I do water I'd be fine -- I'd sleep the whole 12 hours!

12:27 am


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