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Monday, September 06, 2004

Sunday Musings

Three weeks tomorrow I go!

One of the many things I won't miss: London Underground. Fuck me. I wonder if we have the worlds most inefficient system? Engineering work, pure disorganisation, overcrowding, no air con, delays, signal failure, wrong kind of sun/rain/snow/wind/leaves on track/in sky.....

I'm not sure it's true, but I've heard in Japan the trains are so efficient that if one is running a minute late staff are on hand to hand out notes to commuters to give to their employers as otherwise they wouldn't be believed if they gave that as a reason for lateness.

Today was day six of an 18 day stretch of working. I have two jobs right now. I'm already knackered.

I'm having a cheese and wine leaving party. Today I bought the wines I'm contributing. They're all lovely lovely ones. I wonder if I can resist the temptation to open them beforehand. I've never spent so much on wines before but they are wonderful and I imagine most people coming wouldn't have tasted them before. I am, by the way, typing this and sipping a £1.99 rosé from local cheapo offie right now!

Today I saw a beautiful boy when I was working. Well, as it's an alcohol environment he must have been over 18! Okay, I'm crap at judging ages, but he couldn't have been much over 22. He was lovvvvvvvvely and he, and his friends, were chatting to me for ages while I was working. Actually, they all had boy band looks, which isn't something that appeals to me, but he WAS delicious. Wonder if he was corruptable?!

On the tube on the way back I saw the hairiest adolescent ever. And the hair was very dark. Now, I'm English, therefore hairy legs is a big no-no. It's a cultural thing which doesn't make it right or wrong, but this girl? Oh my god! I said above I'm crap at judging ages, but from her behaviour and manner I'd put her at maybe 12 years old (but a young 12). She was American and with her parents and a really pretty girl. Her mother, who was also wearing shorts, was hairless. I wonder if the mother had thought about mentioning it to the teen, or just considered it's okay? I think though what I find strangest about the whole things, is that the daughter hadn't bent to popular or peer pressure in this.


Blogger ViVi said...

Hi Jo! Just a note on the hairy adolescent....

In the states (and more particularly, in my house), its not unusual to see hairy legs on a tween. For me in particular, I wasnt allowed to shave until I "became a woman," if you catch my drift. That didn't happen till I was thirteen, but was blessed with really light blonde hair on my legs, so I was probably more aware of it than anyone else.

Hope that clears thing up a little, good luck in Japan!


5:36 am

Blogger Jo said...

Okay, I guess that explains it.

Thank you!

6:02 am

Blogger Hannah said...

the inefficiency of public transport over here is a characteristic and is damn annoying. it sucks and something needs to be done about it.
are you a student?! students drink cheap stuff from the offie!!!
enjoy sunday

7:24 am


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