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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Losing the will to live

The room business is getting me down. Had a troop of people through yesterday again - four people actually turned up. Or was it five? I confuse easily. They were all annoyingly chatty and hover-y and after a long day at work (well, it FELT like a long day) I was finding acting abilities I didn't know I had. One guy decided he absolutely loved it, and despite my flatties thinking he had an extremely irritating accent, was meant to be coming back over tonight with the deposit. I emailed him this morning to check, and he's found somewhere that he can move into sooner. IF YOU WANTED TO MOVE SOONER THAN 27TH SEPTEMBER, WHY DID YOU COME AND LOOK AT THIS PLACE. Twat.

Portuguese guy who wants it is away until 28th August. Hopefully he hasn't also changed his mind. Does mean I can't cancel the people tomorrow though. Bollocks.

I finally got around to getting all the photos off my camera phone yesterday. The quality is pretty shit, and the hassle of the data cable thingy -- thank fuck one of the new flatmates is a techno whizz, cos I'm clueless.


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