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Thursday, August 05, 2004

A Change and A Sale

Career Change. Life Change. Continent Change.

The thought of no familiarity excites me greatly. I'm stagnating. I've tried the corporate life, meshed in office politics and layers of bureaucratic shite. I've tried my hand at a couple of different careers and finally concluded I'm not a career person, I'm not a desk job person, and I need to be constantly challenged, pushed and learning. I've a feeling everything about teaching in Japan is going to do that for me.


I sold my bicycle last night. I actually persuaded someone to buy the rusty old thing. I feel very odd now though: how an inanimate object can bring back such a huge flood of memories. Of exes, of places I've lived, of trying to get it moved every time I've relocated........ of bottles of vodka, and hills, and trains, and loony flatmates, and peaceful canals..... I'd not used the bike in ages, but that hardly seems the point.


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