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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Click, Click!

After talking about it for an absolute age, Linda and I finally got our acts together and went off snapping around all the tourist hot spots of London. Well, I thought it'd be fun to take loads of London pix with me to Japan and I think they could work well with all levels of student. We're talking totally stereotypical London here: phone boxes, buses, tourists eating ice creams, Big Ben - all of that kind of thing!

That is, if they come out okay. I can take wonderful photos when I leave my camera on auto, but that 's not the reason I bought the SLR; hence todays little outing.

I got to thinking about taking pictures of policemen. I wonder in how many countries that would be an arrestable offence? I'm so aware sometimes of the relative freedom I have here to say and do whatever I want without any fear of repurcussions.

I don't want to start imagining how many photos I'll accumulate in Japan though. All the more incentive to make them count, learn how to use the camera and get the best ones possible. In a manual setting.


The course is all over and there's one day now until I'm back in the office. Am struggling to find any aspect of it to look forward to right now. Pay I guess.....

And the countdown to my last working day.


I've got my flight number. That feeling that it might not happen is definitely diminishing now!


I thought I'd jump the gun a bit and advertise my room. I checked my email earlier and I've got over 20 replies about it. It would be such a relief to get that out of the way. Maybe I could sell them a few things too!


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