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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

What a Tourist!

In between the nights of being overwhelmed by hoards of people coming to look at my room (well, six on Monday, six tonight and six tomorrow - I consider that hoards), I took some time out last night to do one of the Londony things I've been meaning to do for ages……. I went on the Jack the Ripper walk.

As I've no definite plans of when I intend to come back to the UK, I'm trying to fit in as many of the undone things on my list of things to see, as possible. I have been pretty good over the last few years at taking advantage of what London has anyway - especially the free stuff!

But the walk is something I've been trying to get around to for ages. I did the haunted London one a while back and really enjoyed that, but it was with a different people and only had about 50ish people. Yesterday I turned up at the meeting point and there must have been about 400 people waiting to go off in two groups. I seriously deliberated about whether to stay or go, but thought as I was there anyway………

And it was quite good. I'd chosen the guide as he was meant to be an expert. He was pretty good, but I did get increasingly annoyed with his trying to plug his book over the course of the walk.

What did I learn? Jack the Ripper murdered five prostitutes, or maybe more and nobody every caught him or discovered who he was. Okay, to be fair I did learn a few other things and it was a good nights cheap entertainment.

Haunted London was better though.


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