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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Slow progress but getting there

The money for my room has hit my account. I can now relax in the knowledge I don't have to worry about that any longer. One massive relief! I've managed to sell one of the more expensive things I'm getting rid of too -- it's just the 5 million other things. Maybe I should have an auction at my leaving party? On second thoughts, I'll just drink instead.


A friend has offered to drive me to the airport. Am dithering about this. Whilst the help would be lovely, the likelihood of me getting emotional with someone there increases drastically. I'll probably get emotional in the airport anyway. I normally do, even if I'm just standing waiting to meet someone I get all teary. Why is that?

I won't have to hug the taxi driver. That'll probably be better for me.


On Tuesday when I picked up the paperwork for Japan, I was told they were expecting our allocations to come through on Wednesday. How impatient am I? Am using all my willpower to not contact them and ask!


I hate having 'those' kinds of conversations. 'Those' conversations being the unpleasant ones that could lead to confrontation. Today I finally got the guts to tell my employer that there was absolutely no way I'd get the work done they were expecting from me before leaving. I didn't add that I didn't actually care. I imagine there'll be a few choice words said about me behind my back, but the conversation itself wasn't too painful. There's not a lot they can do or say anyway. Especially if they want things left in a reasonable state. See, a last remnant of loyalty, hanging on my a teeny finger nail and about to snap completely!

Did I EVER enjoy the position I'm doing or being here? My memory is getting very selective.


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