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Sunday, September 12, 2004

"Works well in a group, and equally well on own initiative."

What a pile of cack. Why do people put that on their cv's and job applications when it is so blatantly not true? I seem to be coming across more and more people who cannot either work in a group OR on their own initiative. And it's painful for those of us that can. What's that saying: a team is only as strong as it's weakest link, or something like that? What it means is those of us that do work hard and do use our initiative have to work even harder to compensate.

Daily I'm finding more reasons to confirm I'm doing the right thing and also more things that I won't miss out the UK.

Let's start with how much I'm looking forward to not having to work in a group. My failures and mistakes will be down to me and my achievements and successes likewise.

I had the misfortune to get onto the tube tonight into a carriage of lads. I won't miss lads at all. Surely by your mid 30s it's time to stop acting like you're 18 years old? They were taking it turns to swing and turn somersaults on the train. One of them kicked me in the head. I couldn't even figure out how to start reacting at that.

I also won't miss the rudeness of Londoners generally.

A random bloke on the tube thrust a newspaper under my nose and made me explain a word to him. At my weekend job I'm forever explaining and correcting people. I guess the teacher mode found me, I didn't find it.


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