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Monday, September 13, 2004

Good News!

District and address allocations have come through. All the schools are in Tokyo and the areas around it - Chiba and so on, and normally first year teachers get the regions. I put a request in for the centre but thought there'd be no way I'd get it.

Guess what?!!! HOW thrilled am I? Actually, I'm so thrilled I'm on the verge of becoming a blubbing wreck and I've been wiping away tears for the last 20 minutes or so. Not ideal when sat in the office of the job you don't care about and are about to leave!

Actually, it took me ages to figure out where I was going and once the penny finally dropped. Oh my god!

The teariness could also be down to pure tiredness. I blubbed at two films on breakfast television this morning and shouted at a driver who ignored a red light as I was crossing. I think people should probably stear clear of me for a bit.

But I'm in the centre. All the business, the sleeze, the noise and excitement and the shops and entertainment and....................

I should do some work now I think :D


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