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Monday, September 20, 2004

My Books My Babies

Instead of just bunging all the books I own into storage at a friends house until whenever, I decided to get rid of most of them by advertising them on ebay and making loads of money back on them.

So, with one week to go guess how many I've sold? Zero. Guess how many I've advertised? Zero. I've now realised (well, hey, I HAVE been busy with my 18 days solid working, seeing people and what not) that I don't have time to advertise on ebay, get money through and get things mailed off. Bugger. So, I'm left with a huge dilemma - do I give my books away to a charity shop where they'll sit unloved on a dusty shelf? Or package up a load of books I've not touched in ages, but that LOOK nice and take up someone else's space?

GAH! Anyone wanna book?

I'm also waiting for the flood of responses to everything I've advertised on Gumtree. It's all very quiet so far though. I think I'm going to have cut my losses on this. Shame, but whatever. I'm getting past caring, though the extra money would have been nice.

And with just a week to go it's all very scary and exciting. AND today is my last day in my current job. I can't put into words just how happy that makes me!


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