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Friday, September 24, 2004

Creeping Nearer

I'm in an internet cafe. This is weird for me, although to be honest I'd be much less productive at the moment if I did have net access at home still. My room doesn't seem my own any more. The skanky curtains that were up when I first moved in have been put back up. The TV and computer are gone. The duvet's gone and I'm sleeping between two sleeping bags. By the end of this evening all my books and stuff will be packed up. That'll be weird. That's when it stops looking like home - or it will when I take my world map down and I'm left with bare walls and no personal touches.

Oh and I've sorted insurance to cover my first week and signed my life over to my mate, who now has full access to all of my bank accounts. Luckily, she won't get lumbered with my loan though if anything happens! And I've ordered my billion trillion yen or whatever it is. Lots of zero's anyway. Am ready to pack and go now. I don't think my flatmates are amused I removed MY aerial from the main telly, but they're not buying ANYTHING from me, so I reckon it should go to whoever buys my little tv.

And I've nearly finished putting my entire cd collection onto my laptop. [smug grin]

And why aren't you all putting pins on my little guestmap? I'm feeling most unloved!


Blogger elspeth said...

condider it done *puts pin in*

11:30 am


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