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Saturday, October 02, 2004


Today the weather was beautiful. I, however, spent most of it inside putting together l esson plans for my first day. I got the timetable and it's pretty full on with a LOT of 1-to-1 lessons and three lessons of nine-year old boys (a 1-to-1, three of them, and five of them) - eek! This could be a load of fun, or it could be hell on earth. Especially the five! I've got quite a variety of 5-i12 year old classes and one 3-4 year old group which, if I'm honest, I'm really looking forward to. I think! I also have a lot of adult classes. Wouldn't have minded more kids classes, but the adults ones will be easier. Probably!

This evening I shared a bottle of Shochu with another teacher. It's meant to knock your socks off, apparantly. It didn't. I'm very disappointed.

I saw loads of people in kimonos today. It's quitte sad just how out of place they now look somewhere like this. They're definitely not in tune with the neon explosions everywhere, and it wasn't just older people wearing them either.

Tomorrow morning I have to pack up and move to my apartment. I can't wait to get properly settled now, although it will mean until I have my Gaijin Card (foreigner registration card) I won't have net access at home and will have to rely on cafe's again for a bit. Blurrgghh!


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