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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Pot Noodles for Breakfast

Partly because I'm in a hotel until tomorrow, with only a fridge and a kettle in the way of cooking 'facilities', and partly because I'm trying to avoid dairy and bread, but I'm getting really into the 100 yen shops pot noodles. I have no idea what's in them, apart from the noodles, but they're a lovely brekkie alternative, in my opinion!

And it's another sunny day in Tokyo. Actually, my only gripe currently is that I really wish my sleep pattern would return to normal. Now, bearing in mind it had been all over the place for quite some weeks before coming to Japan, this could take quite some time. Hopefully moving into the apartment and unpacking will help with this.

We'll see.....

And I can't wait for tomorrow now, when I can finally get to do some exploring. Since being here, and in fact for the rest of today and tomorrow morning, I've had a packed schedule. And all I really want to do is have a good wander and find out where I actually am. Still, I guess I DO have plenty of time for that. But I'm impatient!


Tokyo is banning smoking in more and more areas of the streets now apparantly, and to compensate for this there are smoking shops popping up for people to pop into with their cigarettes and, er, smoke. I like it. Keep smokers off the streets!


Blogger elspeth said...

actually smoking shops are bloody good ideas!

9:41 am


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