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Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday already

Today was another day of training. Yesterday we concentrated mainly on older kids. Today was the really little teeny ones and adults. Lots of information but it was fun. I can't wait for Monday when I start teaching. I'm dying to find out my timetable (tomorrow) to see what classes I'll have to do and where and to plan them. Yes, I'm looking forward to planning my lessons. Don't know how long that will last though. I'm terrified and very excited at the thought of Monday, but this training, on top of what we had before coming out, has made me feel pretty well prepared, just not 100% confident yet. Apparantly the first two weeks of teaching can be a nightmare and then it gets much better. And by three months teachers spend hardly no time at all preparing lessons. Let's see..

Today was very sunny. I saw lots of people carrying parasoles around to protect themselves.

I'm starting to get used to squat toilets now, but I really don't like them. Having to concentrate when you pee is just not right. My technique is improving though.

At risk of sounding obsessed by toilets, I used my first ever toilet/basin today. Very exciting! I've seen photos but couldn't wait to see a real one. Where the cistern is there's a little basin and a tap, and when you flush the loo, (clean) water comes out for you to wash your hands. This particular loo had a toweling loo seat (euw!), lots of cutesy things hanging from the walls and a floral toilet roll cover. Tasteful!

Today I saw my first person bowing.

Bars are confusing. We've heard of hostess bars and don't know how to recognise them. The importance of this being that we want to avoid them. It's just not clear though what's what and I need educating in this. There are red lanterns and white lanterns outside establishments, there are shut doors and dark dingy looking staircases. We walked for 40 minutes this evening trying to find one before going back to one we went to yesterday, which called itself a cafe/bar and had pretty dodgy looking staff serving. Our second visit there warranted free nuts though!

I really don't like the long socks look here. It just looks so wrong on anyone over 8 years old. And it's not only school girls but grown women too who are into this look. Tights with open-toed sandles are pretty popular too.

I keep seeing mullets and perms around, on blokes. Very scary!

I saw three white people today (who weren't to do with our schools). They're the first non Japanese I've seen. There was no eye contact!

This evening I had a curry burger thing from KFC. These little differences are fascinating. McDonald's has a Teryaki Chicken Burger. KFC has green Fanta and crunchy coleslaw. Disclaimer: There will be no more fast food after I've moved out of the hotel. But for now, it's convenient!


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