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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Not such a good one.

Today I`ve been feeling really down. I`m hoping this will pass quickly.

Thing is, I`m an overly independent person, and it suddenly occurred to me that here, in Japan, I`m dependent on other people for the simplest of things, like phoning a post office to get my mail redirected, etc. It`s been seven weeks now and I`m finding out how to do more and more things, like yesterday I managed to break down a 10,000 yen note in the machine without any help or English instructions - or I figure out what a word means through hearing it loads, or I know if the shop assistant is offering to heat my bento box because that`s what always happens. It`s the rest that`s really getting me down though. I attempted to get a cinema ticket this evening and just gave up. My mobile phone, dvd club membership, etc I got by brandishing notes in Japanese that had been written for me. My phone line was organised by my school. I have a modem sitting at home now that gets activated tomorrow. All the instructions are are Japanese. This also makes me acutely aware that I can`t just call up a mate to help me.

It`s also the friend thing and the having to get people and get past the initial stages of friendship here. I mean, I know quite a few people here now, but no close buddies yet.

As I said, this will hopefully pass.

And all it comes down to (all?) is a lack of ability to communicate in Japanese. I just wish I could find the energy to study every day.

And what upset me even more, was passing a pet shop. I feel about pet shops the way I feel about zoos. This one had little cages with dogs, on their own, pacing up and down frantically. Except for one beautiful King Charles, who just lay there with no room to pace. Why? How can the shop do this to these poor animals? I hope they`re not in there for long.

Sorry for the lack of cuteness in this post. Normal service will be resumed shortly.


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