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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Enough! Enough!

Coming from England, I'm more than used to being blasted out with Xmas music every Xmas time in shops, shopping centres, etc. Here though, the versions they are playing are truly offensive to the ears. I'm talking about very strange jazzed up electrified versions of santa claus is coming to town, etc. Unbearable. It's like being stuck in lift WITH lift music playing at you. And it's everywhere. Horrible. I miss the old pop 'faves' that get rolled out every year though: you know, Last Christmas and all those. Though I have heard a couple of them here. Just as stranged up versions!

And it hit me: I won't get to eat any mince pies this year. Oh well, I'll live!

There really aren't enough days or hours in the week here what with the whole 'get up, go to work, come back from work late, eat, crash' cycle. And now I'm having Japanese lessons, meeting a Japanese language exchange partner, going out with teachers and people who aren't teachers, and so on........ gah! It's lovely having so much to do - I just wish I had more time for it all!


Blogger Chihiro said...

Hi Jo!

I should have warned you about the Japanese excess when it comes to Christmas in Japan (and particularly Tokyo), mind you I don't think you would have believed me in the beginning. Isn't it amazing what kind of show they put on every year, considering that it's not even a Christian country?! There is a large Catholic population in the Nagasaki area and if you asked around, I'm sure that you could find an Anglican church if you wanted a "traditional" Christmas.

In spite of all of the tackiness that abounds there at this time of year, they certainly haven't lost their ability for "cute-ness" in spite of it all (ie Christmas cards, wrapping paper etc. etc.)... you may have to look a little to find it, but it's certainly there.

Anyway, I'm glad to know you're having a good time in Japan!

3:33 am

Blogger Jo said...

You don't have to look to find cuteness here! You trip over it at every step!

12:34 pm


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