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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ditzier than the average ditz

(firstly can I just swear my head off at the long post that just disappeared?)

Okay, so where on earth was I?

Oh yes, this morning I exceeded stupidness. I've mentioned my washing machine before: it's a massive twin tub thing straight out of the 60's that is practically manual. Anyway, this morning I did a load of washing and spun it three times. And THEN had a funny feeling: had I actually remembered to remove the clothes from the washer and put them into the dryer? Nope. And I'd gone over to it three times to put it back onto spin. What a div, eh? And I had to leave so didn't get to finish it. GAH!

Cycling through crunchy dead leaves is almost as satisfying as shuffling through them or kicking them, I've decided.

Today at school I got Xmas choccies from a student :D Nice ones too!

I did a Xmas lesson with a seven year old girl today. We started the lesson with a couple of rounds of 'Go Fish', some alphabet revision, and a quick Santa Dot-to-dot, before getting her to practice writing on the board what I wanted her to write inside the card she was giving to her parents. So, she's still completely into the lesson and always loves being able to write on the board. We then sat back down and I got her to write it inside the card before colouring it in. (We'd been given cards to give the kids). She happily did the trees baubles and then gave me a complete: 'you must be kidding' look, when I got her to do the presents. It was hilarious. Apart from the fact I've never met a 7 year old girl that didn't like colouring...

I nearly fell asleep in one lesson today. I have a couple of sisters (in their 20's) who've had a personality bypass. Apparantly no teacher has managed to get anything from them. It is pure agony trying to teach them. Life's too short! They are just SO frustrating. I've had them for three months now and am still struggling how to pique their enthusiasm. I don't think they have any though. Example: one told me she'd put together a photo album for her friends' wedding present. Naturally, I asked what Japanese weddings were like. Then my pain set it...! I mean, they have the vocab........ gah!

Later I had to give a lesson to someone else's student: a common thing. It was a thalidomide victim (well, if he uses the word 'victim', then so can I). He'd decided he didn't want a lesson with a book today and brought in a long translation he'd done for the Thalidomide Society in Japan from another Thalidomider who'd written about her life in Japanese. He wanted his translation corrected. It was really interesting actually but kind of strange, in as much as he'd already possibly changed this women's words, and I was there changing it a bit more. As this is being published for the society and I had to correct some of his sentences quite a bit, I really hope I've not strayed away from her meaning. Make sense?

And, this evening, I discovered Apple Pie flavoured Haagen Dasz. Oh my! Pure bliss in a tub!!!

Oh and if anyone could enlighten me as to why an ostrich would want to go skiing, I'd be most grateful. There's an ad campaign here with skiing ostriches on posters. On the train today, there was a tv screen showing an ad. It showed an unhappy ostrich who wanted to see some snow. It then showed the happy ostrich skiing. I'm baffled. Freshly frozen ostrich meat? Or skiing holidays? But why an ostrich? [shakes head in confusion].


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